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Photography is our life

My name is Linda Schreiber and the. photographs here were taken by me. I have been creating art in the San Francisco Bay Area my whole life. My Photography is the beauty I see in the world. Nature is an inspiration for many of the photos you will find here. Colors found in my prints are usually tweeked a bit to give a more dramatic effect. I hope you find my work pleasing to you.

What our customers are saying

Jimbo says,"such a colorful world we are living in!".  DP says, " a whole lot of pleasure going on here!"  JP says, "It's so exciting to see you capture the city in such a stunning way." Tom says, " This looks like a silk painting!" Autumn said, "Oh my goodness!!!! This is incredible Linda, I don't think anything could be more beautiful!"


Comments from people who follow my photos.

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By Linda Schreiber